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New Smoking Goose Single This Week

(Monday, June 15, 2020 - 1:30pm)

The release of Smoking Goose's new single "20,000 Lies" is imminent!
Smoking Goose's first single of 2020, "20,000 Lies," will be released on June, 18th. It has been an year since their last EP <Struggles> and you can check it out on almost any music platforms. The song will be in both Korean and English lyrics so please give it a try on both languages. Here is what Dongkil (guitar/vocals) had to say about the new single:
"This song is rather cynical than any other songs we wrote. Maybe it's because the song is about many lies that we can encounter. Every time our fans used to say if the lyrics were in Korean, it would be so much easier to listen and so here it is! We decided to make the song in both Korean and English this time. If you compare the lyrics, it will give you some different feelings and that is exactly what we want you to enjoy."
Check back this Thursday to hear the new single!
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