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World Domination Vol.2 Coming Soon

(Friday June 5, 2020 - 4:45pm)

Last year, WDI released the first volume of our new vinyl 7-inch international compilation series “World Domination.” We are very excited to announce that the Volume 2 record has been pressed and will be available very soon.
Just like Volume 1, this release features 4 bands from 4 different countries. Volume 2 has bands from Korea, the US, the UK, and Malaysia. Those four bands have a total of 32 members, so you guessed it….it’s a SKA record! From Korea, we have our very own TalkBats! From the US and Asian Man Records, we have Dan P. and the Bricks, a massive 10-piece ska band with members from legendary ska-punk bands like MU330, Slow Gherkin, and The Bruce Lee Band. From the UK, we have one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands in European ska-punk, Faintest Idea. Last but definitely not least, we have the godfathers of Malaysian ska-punk, Plague of Happiness, who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.
“World Domination Volume 2” will be available for streaming and pre-order next week, and the official release show will be announced shortly. Faintest Idea has already released a music video for their song “Stomp Them Down” so check that out below, and stay tuned for updates next week :)
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