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New Music from Gumiho AND TalkBats!

(Friday, July 24, 2020 - 6:30pm)

Releasing new music is always fun, and today, we get to tell you about TWO new releases from Gumiho and TalkBats!
Gumiho released their debut demo in early 2019 and have been writing and playing shows non-stop since then. They're currently working on their first EP, but this week, they released an re-recorded version of their song "-ING" as their first ever music video (video below). 
Last year, WDI released Volume 1 of our new international 7-inch compilation series "World Domination." After months of corona virus-related delays, Volume 2 is finally ready. It features TalkBats! (Korea/WDI), Dan P and The Bricks (USA/Asian Man Records), Faintest Idea (UK/TNS Records), and Plague of Happiness (Malaysia/Nyaring Records). The official record release show will be on August 8th at Club SHARP. TalkBats! will be joined by The Reseters, Smoking Goose, Jonny'sPark, and Far East Asian Tigers. But there's no need to wait to hear the "World Domination" compilation. Stream is below or on the TalkBats! Bandcamp page.
To celebrate their new music, Gumiho and TalkBats! are heading to HQ in Gwanganli, Busan for a mini-WDI show with Sidecar this weekend (Saturday 7/25). "World Domination Vol.2" will be available there as a special pre-release for everyone in Busan, and Gumiho will have a special edition poster for the show from sooogoodstudios for sale as well.
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