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A lot of bands around Korea choose to move to Seoul to be a part of the biggest underground music scene in the country. Smoking Goose isn't most bands. This punk band proudly calls Daejeon City their home, and since 2010, they've committed to building up the scene there. That doesn't mean they're just some local band though. Smoking Goose has taken their high-energy harmony-infused 3-piece punk rock all over Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan.



Dongkil (guitar/vocals), SeongHwa (bass/vocals), Jeong-Hoon (drums)

WDI Releases:

WDI015 (2019) "Struggles" EP

Other Releases:

(2013) 1st EP

(2014) "Boy's Song" EP

(2016) "Merry Goosemas" EP

(2017) "T.I.D.E." Single

(2018) "Anthem For Daejeon Youth" single

(2018) "Pieces of Mind"

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