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Various Artists

"World DOmination Vol.2"

Volume 2 of World Domination, Inc.'s international 7-inch record compilation series featuring TalkBats! (Korea), Dan P and The Bricks (USA), Faintest Idea (UK), and Plague of Happiness (Malaysia).

A total of 500 copies of this 7-inch record were pressed on random colored vinyl. Copies can be ordered directly from WDI for 10,000won (plus shipping). Contact WDI HERE or through our Facebook page to place your order. 

Records can also be ordered from any of the 4 bands featured on the album.

Released: August 8, 2020

TalkBats! Lineup: Songee (Vocals), Nagi (Keytar), Ppong Ppang (Bass), Woojah (Guitar), InSung (Guitar)

TalkBats! Credits:

Recorded at Thunderhorse Studios in Seoul, Korea

Engineered by Jeff Moses

Mixed & Mastered by Kirk Kwon


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