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...Whatever That Means

"Revolving DOors"

For over a decade, ...Whatever That Means has been one of the most dependable bands in Korean punk rock. This year, they’re back with their third full length album “Revolving Doors.” With a mix of aggressive and poppy tracks, male and female lead vocals, and even a pair of acoustic tracks, “Revolving Doors” is the best way to get introduced to, or reacquainted with, ...Whatever That Means.

Released: May 23, 2020

Lineup: Jeff (Guitar/Vocals), Trash (Bass/Vocals), Bialy (Guitar), Woojoon (Drums)

Vinyl distro in Korea available HERE.

Vinyl distro outside Korea available through Paper+Plastick.

All song written by Jeff Moses
Except "Red Flags" and "Revolving Doors" by Jeff Moses & Bialy Trzcinski
And "I Need To Know" written by Tom Petty

All songs performed by ...Whatever That Means

"Red Flags" features JaeHyun Jung (vocals) and Joongmo Do (lead guitar)
"Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two (acoustic)" features Hiram Piskitel (cello) and Kevin Higuchi (drums)

Gang Vocals: Jeff Rosenstock, Christine, AJ (The Bruce Lee Band), Michael (Food For Worms), JaeHyun (The Kitches), Keunyoung (Full Garage/UltraLazy), Jinsuk (SkaSucks), Gunn (Startline), Taki, Dongkil & Seonghwa (Smoking Goose), Jina & Jiwon (Billy Carter), MinJung (Ego Function Error), Songyi & Nagi (TalkBats!), Kichel (Green Flame Boys), Seol & JoonHong (Oh Chill), WooJoo (A'Z Bus), SongHwa (DieAlright), HyunSeok (CHS/Apollo18), JiHyun (Dead Buttons), Insoo (Crying Nut)

Recorded at Thunderhorse Studios in Seoul, Korea
Produced & Engineered by Jeff Moses
Mixed & Mastered by Kirk Kwon

Photos by YUKI KUROYANAGI, JYoungjun Kim, Suyeon_Cmag, jIHA, Jinhee kim,

Album Artwork, Design, and Layout by Trash Yang Moses (@trashmtattoo)


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