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Various Artists

"Them & Us: Korea's Punks at Club Spot"

World Domination, Inc.'s first compilation album. The album was recorded live at legendary Seoul, Korea punk venue Club Spot. While most copies were sold in Korea, hundreds of CDs were given away for free during ...Whatever That Means' first US tour as a way to help promote the Korean punk scene abroad.

Released: October 8, 2011

From the liner notes:
"'Them and Us' represents just a small part of the Korean punk and hardcore scene. Some of these bands helped build the scene way back in the early days, and some are the newest bands to join in. You'll find men and women, punks and hardcore kids, Koreans and foreigners. In a time when K-Pop rules the airwaves, we all work together to promote our scene and expose people to the music we are passionate about. On this album, each band has paid tribute to a band that has inspired them and contributed one of their own original songs. Enjoy the music. Support your own local scene, and if you're ever in Korea, come out to a show."

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by MyeongJin Seon at Club Spot

Produced by Jeff Moses and World Domination, Inc.

Cover Photo by Juyoung Lee/The More I See

Album Art/Layout by Trash Yang Moses

**Out of print**


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