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...whatever that means

"Honggu Goes to Prison"

"Honggu Goes to Prison" is a cover song EP released after the ...Whatever That Means' one-year hiatus while Jeff attended graduate school in the US. It was the band's first venture into recording their own albums.

Released in December 7, 2013

Lineup: Jeff (Guitar/Vocals), Trash (Bass/Vocals), Hong Gu (Drums)

Gang Vocals: Jaehyeon (The Kitsches), Paul (Heimlich County Gun Club), Iain (Yuppie Killer), Clayton (Mr. Headbutt), Goyang & Jina (Billy Carter), Sean & Bialy (Animal Anthem), Jong-Oh (Attacking Forces), Ken, and Nate.

Recorded at Binary Studios

Sound Design Consulting, Mixing, and Mastering by Kirk Kwon

Engineered by Jeff Moses

Produced by Jeff Moses and ...Whatever That Means

Special Thank to Chris "Molasses Chuck" Crosby

**Out of print**


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