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Full Garage Releases New EP and Announces Hiatus

(Tuesday, August, 27, 2019 - 5:00pm)

Yesterday was a bittersweet day here at World Domination, Inc. WDI was started by members of ...Whatever That Means, and the first band to join them on the label was Full Garage. They’ve been with us longer than anyone else, so we were very happy to hear they were finally ready to release a new recording of their cover song “Komm Susser Tod” (“Come Sweet Death”) from the animation Evangelion. The EP includes a new recording of the song completed by Full Garage earlier this year along with 3 different demo versions of the song that Full Garage’s frontman Keunyoung has recorded while playing with different bands over the years.
Unfortunately, the great news of a new recording also came with the announcement that Full Garage is starting a long hiatus. They were very clear that they did NOT have a fight, and they are NOT breaking up. The band is just ready to take a break for a while.
So while we’re waiting around for Full Garage to decide they’re ready to start playing shows again, visit their Bandcamp page and download their new cover EP for FREE. While you’re there, make sure you grab their previous releases, too (You can also find all of Full Garage’s albums HERE on the WDI website).
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