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World Domination, Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary

(Wednesday, September 9, 2019 - 11:50am)

Exactly 10 years ago today was the first ever event held under the name World Domination, Inc (look at that lineup! Haha). When it first started, the whole idea behind WDI was simply to be a brand name, so people would recognize when a punk show was booked by Jeff and Trash. Since then, WDI has booked more than 100 bands at countless shows. We’ve booked tours for foreign bands in Korea and tours for Korean bands in foreign countries and this year even started our own 2-day punk rock festival at Hanagae Beach on Muui Ilsland. We’ve also had the pleasure of releasing compilations, singles, EPs, and full length records with nearly 30 different bands and have several more releases planned for the very near future.
It’s been a great time, and we would like to thank everyone who has come out to WDI shows, the bands who have been part of the label, and all the other bands who have played our shows. WDI wouldn’t exist without you. So here’s to the 10 years that have passed and the next 10 to come. Cheers!
~Jeff, Trash, and the WDI team
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