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"Them & Us 3" Coming in 2021!

(Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 2:30pm)

2020 has been a complete dumpster fire of a year, but it will soon be over, and it’s starting to look like we will see the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. With most live shows being cancelled because of the pandemic, we’ve had a lot more free time on our hands this year. We decided to use that as an opportunity to undertake a big project, so for the last four months, we’ve been working with 11 of our favorite bands in Korea to record a new “Them & Us” compilation.
The first compilation in the T&U series, “Them & Us: Korea’s Punks at Club Spot” was released back in 2011. Five years later, “Them & Us 2: Korea’s Punks at Thunderhorse Studios” was released in 2016. In just a few months, another five years will have passed, and “Them & Us 3: Korea’s Punks at Binary Studios” will be ready to release.
Just like in the past, “Them & Us 3” will feature 11 of our favorite currently active bands in the Korean punk scene. Each band will play two songs: a cover song from a band that’s influenced them and an original song. We’re very happy to announce that Binary Studios is almost finished recording all the bands for the album. Stay tuned for more news on the bands and songs that will be on “Them & Us 3” when it’s released this spring!
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