Beacon Joins the WDI Family

(Friday October 15, 2020 - 12:00pm)

Here at WDI, we never make any effort to hide our absolute obsession with the 90s. That's why when we walked into Club SHARP about 2 years ago and first saw Beacon playing a show, we instantly knew they were destined to be part of WDI. Beacon is a 3-piece garage/punk band who absolutely KILLS that late-80s/early-90s Seattle sound. We're not talking about "Nevermind." We're talking about "Bleach" and all the other early loud, raw, and amazing stuff that was coming out of that scene. Whether it's guitarist/vocalist Kay-Hyun screaming her head off, their bassist Noori jumping all over the stage, or Gyeongrok pounding away on the drums, Beacon is definitely one of the new must-see bands in Seoul.
Their next show is 10/31 at Club Bbang, and you can expect some new recordings from them in 2021. Until then, be sure to go to their Bandcamp page, and check out the two EPs they've already self-released.

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