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After a year of barely practicing, only playing a few shows, drinking way too much, and being so unproductive that it's almost impressive, UltraLazy simply couldn't find a way to procrastinate any longer. So they are finally releasing their debut self-titled EP.

Released: August 31, 2020

Lineup: Keunyoung (Bass/Vocals), JJ (Guitar), Docheon (guitar), Gwangya (Drums)

All Music by UltraLazy
All Lyrics by Keunyoung and Jeff

Engineered by Jeff Moses at Binary Studios in Seoul, Korea
Mixed and Mastered by Kirk Kwon at Thunderhorse Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gang vocals on "Fuck Winter"
Jeff & Trash from ...Whatever That Means, and Caspin, Mathew, Stephen, & Yujin from Gumiho

Recorded in the spring of 2020.


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