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Burn Burn Burn

"The Seoul Sessions"


Co-Released with Tiny Dragon Music: April 1, 2018

"The internet is a funny place. Burn Burn Burn and ...Whatever That Means met before I was in the band, and I hear their first time together is what spawned Trash's namesake. Must have been a helluva show. Five of six years later, some of the guys kept in touch, and with some leftover songs and a drawing of a My Little Pony neck tattoo, we decided that we should put out a split 7". Whoops. WTM came back to the States and we shot a lot of silly string at one another and promised that BBB would one day make it to Korea. What a pipe dream. Turns out they were pretty serious about it and booked us a tour. It was awesome. There were matching tattoos and a whole lot of soju. Somewhere in the melee of the world that is tour, we found the time to record a couple of songs at Thunderhorse Studios. An old one, because we have had approximately 100 members in the existence of the band, and a new cover, because we were tired of the old cover. We even brought some friends in to kick it up a notch. That's what you do when you're on the other side of the world, right? I hope the etching on this record is insanely stupid." ~Adam France (Burn Burn Burn)

Lineup: Billy Craig (Drums), Brett Wood (Guitar), Adam France (Guitar), Dylan Lusk (Bass), Drew Smith (Vocals)

Featuring Jiwon Goyang Kim on Keys

Gang Vocals: Trash Yang Moses & Jeff Moses (...Whatever That Means), Jiwon Kim (SkaSucks), Jina Kim (Billy Carter), Keunyoung Lee (Full Garage), Jihyun Hong (Dead Buttons), Michael Travers (Food For Worms), Liam Lachmansingh & Jonathon Lyte (Pseudo), and Ken Robinson

*Unlisted Track: Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta" available on vinyl release only

Recorded at Thunderhorse Studios in Seoul, Korea

Engineered and mixed by Jeff Moses and Kirk Kwon at Thunderhorse Studios

Mastered by Tony Fantozzi at OneandaHalfBastards Studios

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