Food at IT'S A FEST!
IT'S A FEST! is organized by World Domination, Inc., a punk rock record label and booking agency based in Seoul, Korea. One of the reasons WDI chose Hanagae Beach as the site for IAF! is because of the great resources and amenities it already has in place. To ensure that IAF! benefits the local community of Muui Island, WDI will not be bringing in any food or alcohol vendors for the festival.
Below, you will find pictures and descriptions of what is available at Muui Island. If the food offered isn't right for you, don't worry. IAF! isn't like most festivals that won't allow you to bring food or drinks on your own. Just like any campground, you can feel free to bring camp stoves, groceries, your own alcohol, etc. to Hanagae Beach for IAF! weekend. All we ask is that you clean up after yourself, so the beach stays a great clean place to visit. 
~The WDI/IAF! Team
It shouldn't come as a suprise that the main restaurants at Hanagae Beach specialize in Korean seafood. The most common dishes at these restaurants include kal-guksu, pajeon, haemul (seafood) jeon, nangmyun, and simple sushi. Some restaurants also offer doenjang jjigae and kimchi jjigae in the mornings. And of course, they all sell alcohol. Click the links below for more info, pictures, and menus.
Convenience Store
Hanagae Beach has its own small convenience store on the main alleyway leading to the beach. Here is the main place you'll be able to buy (Korean) beer, bags of chips and other snacks, and cup ramyeon. The store also sells frozen samgyupsal for those of you who bring camp stoves or are lucky enough to get one of the very few grills available to rent.
Convenience Store.jpg
Convenience Store2.jpg
Korean BBQ
Now that summer has arrived, Hanagae has opened their BBQs right on the beach! This is the place to be to enjoy some samgyubsal and galbi with a few beers. Grill right out on the beach, or head inside to one of the two restaurants. Beside bbq, they also offer some great food like a combo deal with fried whole fish and doenjang jjigae. Or you can order friend chicken. They're open all day, but we expect this to be THE hot spot at night after the music finishes.
Snacks and Alcohol
You can find a lot of common Korean street food and snacks right in Hanagae along the road. You can get ddeokbokki, corn dogs, ddeok-ggochi, etc. The balcony right next to the beach and stage also sell draft beer and slushies. For just 1,000won extra, you can add a shot of Kirkland vodka to your slushy (or just get some soju at the convenience store and add it yourself).
If you want to get away from the noise of the stage for a few minutes, consider walking out to the main entrance of Hanagae Beach. Before walking through the archway into Hanagae, you'll find a few food vendors on the left. They sell gamja-jeon, hoddeok, steamed corn, corndogs, iced tea, lemonade, beer, makgeolli, and more. And the lady who runs the middle is one of the friendliest people we've met in years!
Coffee Shop
Muui Cafe makes a great cup of coffee. It also offers a few snacks such as sausages-on-a-stick, muffins, and mini pizzas on hotdog buns.
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