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Directions to Muui Island
IT'S A FEST! is held at Hanagae Beach on Muui Island. Now that the new bridge to the island is open, it is easier than ever to get to Hanagae Beach by public transportation. There are several ways to get to Hanagae Beach, but our recommended directions are below.
**Disclaimer: World Domination, Inc. is the organizer of IT'S A FEST!, and while we recommend the following public transportation routes, anyone coming to IAF! is responsible for their own safety while traveling. Also, the WDI/IAF! team have no control over when public transportation does, or does not, operate. You are responsible for getting to your final destination before transportation stops running at night**
Public Transportation to IAF!
By these directions, it takes approximately 45-60 minutes to get to Hanagae Beach from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 (approximately 2 hours from Hongdae):
  1. Take the subway to Incheon International Airport
    Terminal 1. Depart from the subway, and go up the escalator on the left to the Monorail.
  2. Ride the monorail to the last stop, Yongyu Station.
  3. At Yongyu Station, go out exit 2, cross the street and walk to the bus stop just down the street on your left. Bus 1 arrives every 20-40 minutes (depending on traffic) and will take you directly to Hanagae Beach.
For more details, click here to see the pictures below:
**If you don't want to risk waiting a long time for Bus 1 at Yongyu Station, your other option is to just take a taxi to Hanagae Beach directly from Incheon International Airport. This usually costs around 20,000won (15,000won on the meter + 5,000won service fee). If there are no taxis waiting outside the airport, you can use this call taxi service: 032-710-2828**
Leaving IAF! on Saturday Night
If you plan to travel back to Seoul on Saturday night by public transportation, please be advised:
  1. The monorail stops running at 7:30pm. Bus 1 from Hanagae to the monorail will continue run until 10pm. There are 2 buses that run from Yongyu station to Incheon International Airport until approximately 10pm. IAF! suggests you leave Hanagae Beach by 8pm to ensure you don't miss the last bus.
  2. If you decide to stay later and miss the last bus to Incheon International Airport, you can arrange other transportation from Yongyu Station by using a call taxi service. We have been informed that this taxi service will send drivers to Yongyu Station: 032-710-2828.
  3. If you miss the last bus from Hanagae Beach to Yongyu Station, you can call the previously mentioned taxi service to arrange a taxi from Hanagae Beach to Incheon International Airport. This will cost approximately 20,000won (15,000won on the meter + 5,000won service fee): 032-710-2828
Driving Directions
WARNING: The new bridge to Muui Island only allows 900 cars to enter the island at any given time. Since the bridge opened in April, there have been several busy weekends when the limit was reached, and more cars were not allowed to cross the bridge until other cars left the island. Because of this, we are advising the following:
  1. If possible, come to the island by public transportation. Even if the bridge stops allowing cars onto the island, public buses may still cross the bridge.
  2. If you don't want to take public transportation all the way from your home, consider parking your car at Incheon International Airport Long Term Parking. You can ride the monorail from there, and follow the Public Transportation Directions.
  3. If you must drive, plan to arrive EARLY on the day of the festival. Arriving by 9am should make it much easier for you to get to Hanagae Beach.
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With all that said, to easily find DRIVING directions on your own....
Search Naver Map destination: Hanagae Beach Entrance
Driving Map
Public Transportation Directions
Picture Directions
1. Travel to Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 (we suggest taking the airport line of the subway)
2. After exiting the subway, go up the escalator on the left. The monorail is just to the right at the top of the escalator. It arrives every 15 minutes.
3. Ride the monorail the last stop, Yongyu Station (용유).
4. At Yongyu Station, go out Exit 2. Cross the street, and turn left. Walk to the small bus stop.
5. Get on Bus 1. It will take you all the way to Hanagae Beach (하나개해수욕장)
6. After a 20-25 minute ride, you'll be dropped off at the entrance to Hanagae Beach. Walk through the gate passed all buildings, and you've arrived for IT'S A FEST! :)

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