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"World Domination Vol.3" Coming Soon

(Monday February 8, 2021 - 5:00pm)

Everything moves a little slower in the COVID-19 world. Putting together an international compilation album really moves slowly. But we are happy to report that “World Domination Vol.3” has officially shipped from record press in the United States!

Just like previous volumes of the “World Domination” series, this record features 4 bands from 4 different countries each contributing 1 song. Volume 3 features great punk rock from Gumiho (Korea), The Sino Hearts (China), Old Wives (Canada), and Original Son (USA).

The album will be available for streaming and pre-order on the WDI site by the end of the week and will ship as soon as the records arrive (hopefully within a few weeks). You can also order the album directly from whichever band is located closest to you.

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