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...Whatever That Means: "Keep It To Yourself"

(Monday, December 31, 2018 - 4:30pm)

Is anyone else tired of how impossible it seems for people to agree to disagree these days? Sometimes a certain situation has a clear right and wrong, but more often than not, it's possible to see the world differently than other people and still be a decent human being. I come from a very conservative family but discovered punk rock in the mid-1990s and have been part of that scene ever since. Among my family and conservative friends, I have always been one of the most liberal people they know. In the punk scene, a lot of people consider me to be very conservative. It's a weird place to be, but it's me, and it used to work just fine. 

"Keep It To Yourself" was written for people who think all your beliefs need to fall into one specific part of the political spectrum to be part of the punk scene. I don't remember the exact event that inspired it, but this song specifically focuses on one such person: Fat Mike. The first verse references the old NOFX song "Happy Guy" where they talk about a Christian they know and conclude that, "His hopes may be false, but his happiness is real. Don't try to judge him. He's just a man." Unfortunately, sometime between writing that song and the Bush administration in the early 2000s, Fat Mike decided that anyone with anything other than extremely liberal beliefs, especially religious beliefs, should be portrayed as a complete caricature and should DEFINITELY be judged.

Don't get me wrong. This song isn't meant to defend people with extreme right wing points of view, but pretending that anyone with an opinion different than yours is some kind of an uneducated Alt-Right Neo-Nazi extremist....what a sad way to live.

Jeff Moses

...Whatever That Means

Always told that I’m second best
‘Cause my beliefs don’t fall underneath the net
Once you drew in the corners to remove
All the things that you don’t approve.
The “Happy Guy” mentality is long gone
And I don’t know why.
Point your finger judging me
From your pedestal so high.
You think too highly of yourself.
You live your life to tear me down.
Your animosity has clouded your ideals.
Why don’t you keep it to yourself?!
So high and mighty, Black and white
You're all alone 'cause nobody could be right
Once you drew in the corners to remove
All the things that you don't approve.
"Punker than thou" hypocrites
Who wanna tell me how to live.
You say I'm brainwashed and a fool
But you're the real conservative!
I remember growing up
It wasn’t about your background
Or where you were from.
Punk rock brought people together.
We’d look at the world, look at lives,
Live by our own convictions
No matter what they were.
Now all you do is try to divide.
You’re far too self-righteous.
Don’t waste my time.
Shut your mouth like you shut your mind.
항상 네가 최고라고 말하는 너 난 네 정의 밖에 있어서
네가 인정하지 않는 전부를 지우려 하네
"Happy Guy"는 이미 사라졌고 어떤 설명도 없어
네가 가진 잘난 잣대로 날 향해 가르쳐 봐
최고라고 믿는가
난 네 인생이 가여워
증오가 신념을 더럽혀 흔들어
왜 넌 지키지 못 했나?!
너의 정의는 중요치 않아 아무도 네게 남아있지 않는데
네가 인정하지 않는 전부를 지우려 하네
"Punker than thou" 위선자여 어찌 살라 논하나
네가 가진 잘난 아무것도 남은 게 없어
난 어린 시절을 기억해.
가정환경 어디에서 태어났는지가 중요하지 않았지.
펑크락은 사람들을 하나로 만들었지.
세상을 봐. 우리 삶을 둘러봐.
모두의 잘못 속에서 살아가.
하지만 지금 너희가 하는 일이라곤 분열뿐.
너는 너무나 독선적이야.
내 시간을 낭비하게 하지마.
네 마음을 닫아버렸듯이 그 입, 닥쳐버려.
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