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The second full length album from ...Whatever That Means released May 10, 2014.

"...Whatever That Means play a melodic punk style that's immediately recognizable for anyone who listened to punk rock in the US. It comes across as honest and full of energy and reminiscent of the times before commercial pop punk took sits naturally next to any release from the 90s. That's one of the best qualities of the album. It's timeless."

Lineup: Jeff (Guitar/Vocals), Trash (Bass/Vocals), Mizno (Drums)

All Drums performed by Hong Gu

Tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9 featuring Wonsuk (Burning Hepburn) on guitar

Track 2 featuring Paul Brickey (Heimlich County Gun Club/Suck Stuff) on vocals

Track 7 featuring Jonghee (Rux) on vocals

Track 10 featuring Goyang (SkaSucks/Billy Carter) on piano

All songs written by Jeff and ...Whatever That Means except "This Wasteland" Written by Paul Brickey

Recorded at Binary Studios

Except track 10 guitar/vocals recorded by Chris Crosby at Catalyst Recording

Engineered by Jeff Moses

Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering by Kirk Kwon

Produced by Jeff Moses

Album art and layout by Trash Yang Moses

...Whatever That Means "Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two" CD

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