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"Mold" is the new 5-song 7-inch vinyl EP from Busan-based skatepunk band Sidecar. At times, it looks at the darkness that grows like a mold in the minds of the alienated and bullied. At other times, it has the same self-help, light-hearted pop punk that Sidecar is known for. 


The album has been pressed on transparent red vinyl. 


Music Videos:

"Outcast" -

"Mold" -



  • All songs written and performed by Sidecar
  • Produced by Jeff Moses
  • Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Park Jung-Hyun
  • Cover art by Jang Yong Bin (Busan, Korea)
  • Photograph by Ryu Hae Won (Korea, Seoul)
  • Album Jacket Designed by Kim Young Eun (Busan, Korea)
  • Domestic Vinyl Distribution: World Domination, Inc. (Seoul, Korea)
  • US Vinyl Distribution : Tiny Dragon Music (Seattle, Washington)
  • Online music distribution : Sound Republica (Seoul, Korea)

Sidecar "Mold" 7-inch Record+MP3

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