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IT'S A FEST! 2024 is happening in Sinchon this year. Entry to Acoustic Night at Beer O'Clock on Friday 6/14 is free. This 50,000won reservation gets you entry to Baby Doll for all 18 bands from Japan, Singapore, and Korea on Saturday 6/15 and Sunday 6/16.


Lineup: The Skippers (Japan), Iman's League (Singapore), Tortionals (Japan), No.1 Korean, Full Garage (reunion show), Rux, End These Days, 444, ...Whatever That Means, Monkey Gang War, Pogo Attack, TwoFive, The Reseters, Beacon, Long Time No Shit, Sweet Gasoline, Idiots, Redemptions


**There is no physical ticket for the festival. By making this purchase, your name will be on the prepaid list at the door**


**PAYMENT: Preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Money must be transferred within 24 hours, or your reservation will be cancelled.

Bank Info:

IBK 054-086855-02-017


IAF! 2024 Whole Weekend Ticket

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