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IT'S A FEST! 2024 is happening in Sinchon this year. Entry to Acoustic Night at Beer O'Clock on Friday 6/14 is free. This 30,000won reservation gets you entry to IAF! at Baby Doll on Saturday 6/15 ONLY.


Saturday Lineup: The Skippers (Japan), Iman's League (Singapore), End These Days, Full Garage (reunion show), ...Whatever That Means, Beacon, 444, Monkey Gang War, TwoFive, Sweet Gasoline


**There is no physical ticket for the festival. By making this purchase, your name will be on the prepaid list at the door**


**PAYMENT: Preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Money must be transferred within 24 hours, or your reservation will be cancelled.

Bank Info:

IBK 054-086855-02-017


IAF! 2024 Saturday Ticket

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