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...Whatever that means

"Asian Prodigy"


This cover of The Chinkees was released as a digital single and music video to mark the closing of Seoul, Korea punk venue Club Spot.

Released: October 2014

"The message of 'Asian Prodigy' is one that rings true for so many korean punks. In a country that promotes education, social status, and outward appearance over almost anything else, ignoring fashion trends, getting tattoos, and spending your time at punk rock shows sets you apart from mainstream culture. For many people, it causes a lot of tension in their families and makes it really hard to get a job. This song is a salute to all of you who choose to live life your own way no matter what the consequences." ~...Whatever That Means

Lineup: Jeff (Guitar/Vocals), Trash (Bass/Vocals), Mizno (Drums)

Arranged and Performed by ...Whatever That Means

Written by Mike Park

Originally performed by The Chinkees

Recorded at Binary Studios

Engineered and Produced by Jeff Moses

Mixed and Mastered by Kirk Kwon

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