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New Iman's League Album Out TODAY!

(Friday 2/28/2020 - 12:00pm)

The day is finally here. Iman's League's sixth studio album "Dead Planet" is out today!
For those of you who have been listening to Iman's League, you'll recognize the catchy melodies and positive lyrics, but beyond that, this album is a bit of a departure from earlier releases. It's definitely the most aggressive Iman's League album to date, at times bringing to mind 90s melodic punk rock greats like Pennywise and Millencolin. The album also features more vocals from bassist Lal, which is another great way to mix things up.
"Dead Planet" is also the first Iman's League album with their new drummer, Bob, who joined the band and learned the whole album in just TWO WEEKS before entering the studio.
"Dead Planet" is available today on the Iman's League bandcamp page and will be on streaming platforms worldwide tomorrow. A VERY limited amount of physical CDs will be available through the WDI store in late-March (presale coming soon). 
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