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IT'S A FEST! 2nd Lineup Announcement

(Monday, February 18, 2019 - 2:00pm)

The announcement came almost a week later than originally planned, but last week, World Domination, Inc. officially announced IT'S A FEST! A brand new 2-day beachside rock festival on Muui Island's Hanagae Beach. There are a lot of rock festivals in Korea these days, but IAF! is the only one focused on the underground music scene, so expect a lot of punk, ska, and alternative rock. Last week, we announced the first 6 of 18 bands for IAF! The list included Singapore's Iman's League, returning to Korea for the 5th time, and Malaysian pop punk band Half-Alseep. Also included were local favorites Burning Hepburn, 57, Drinking Boys & Girls Choir, and ...Whatever That Means
Today, we are happy to make our second lineup announcement by adding Galaxy Express, A'Z Bus, Green Flame Boys, and TalkBats! to IT'S A FEST!
For more info on IT'S A FEST! check the official page HERE on the WDI website. And don't forget to donate to the IT'S A FEST! crowdfunding page to get some great rewards and support Korea's new beachside punk rock festival.
English Donation Instructions for Tumblebug Available HERE!!
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