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...Whatever That Means Finishes New Album

(Friday, January 1, 2020 - 2:30pm)

After several years of member changes, busy schedules, and all kinds of delays, we are very happy to report that ...Whatever That Means has officially finished recording, mixing, and mastering their new full length album. The album is titled "Revolving Doors" and will have 10 tracks from the band, including some songs they've been playing live for a while and others that were only performed once at their 10-year anniversary show last year. According to the band....
"We started recording this album back in the spring of 2017. Originally, the plan was to record a quick 3-song EP that Jeff could take with him while he was managing SkaSucks' summer tour in the US. We weren't able to make that deadline, and soon after he got back, we ended up not having a drummer for almost a year. Once we finally found Woojoon and he joined the band, we spent most of our time just getting him up to speed with our live set. Add to that the fact that none of us are full time musicians and have really busy work schedules, and you end up with an album that feels like it took FOREVER to finish. All that said, we are so happy with how this turned out. This album was a big stretch for us. It's got some of the most aggressive songs we've ever written, our first ever full-band acoustic track with a cello backing us up, and we have a full choir of over 20 people singing gang vocals on a bunch of songs. It's our best songwriting and recording quality to date, so we can't wait to get this out for everyone to hear!"
Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a few more months to get our hands on "Revolving Doors" since ...Whatever That Means has decided to release the album as a 12" vinyl record. To stay up to date on their new release, be sure to follow WTM on Facebook and Instagram (@wtmpunk), and watch the news here at the WDI homepage.
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